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I run a website that helps filmmakers connect directly with emerging musicians and composers seeking placement opportunities.

Filmmakers can post their music needs on our website for free. We then blast out this information to our musician members who match the requirements. Filmmakers will then be contacted directly by any interested musicians. We do not take any licensing fees for whatever is directly negotiated.

Are you currently needing any music? Or need any in the near future? You are welcome to post them yourself on my site at http:/, or reply to this e-mail and I will post those details for you. Paid and gratis projects are both welcome.

I've been doing this since 2001 and I'm happy to say that we've helped about 3,000 films worldwide so far. Working with emerging musicians can help save money for independent filmmakers.

If I can be any service to you, please let me know. You may email me at .

Thanks for your time,

Ryan Vinson


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