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My name is Austin Schmidt and I am the author of a recently published cinematography book, “So You Want To Be A Cinematographer? … Life Behind The Lens”.

This book tells of personal experiences, thoughts and observations to becoming a working cinematographer from a realistic and fresh viewpoint. From agencies, to unions; marketing strategies to reel formations; film school versus the ladder, and many other aspects of the craft rarely discussed in our competitive field, this book is unlike any other available.

It is directed toward:
-High School students considering a path in film production or film school with a focus on cinematography
-Film students studying cinematography
-Individuals just beginning their career as a cinematographer.


"This book is an honest and accurate account of what many cinematographers go through at the beginning of their careers, and there are few books like it out there. Hopefully a beginner reading Austin Schmidt’s personal experiences will learn what opportunities and minefields lie ahead for them and plan accordingly."
- M. David Mullen, ASC
Cinematographer and co-author of “Cinematography (Third Edition)

“While this book is a lot more than what the title implies it still addresses the questions that many students of the art of cinematography will ask. The author has written from his personal experiences in detail. While others may encounter very different experiences or situations, the basic idea is there. I know that many beginning and most experienced cinematographers will be able to relate to Mr. Schmidt's travails. For those wanting to have an insight into what awaits them in the working class below-the-line world there is a lot to be gleaned from his writings.”
-Roberto Schaeffer, ASC, AIC (Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner, Monster’s Ball)

"It presents an excellent overview of what is involved in working as a
cinematographer and what is involved in becoming one.

If you are thinking you might want to be a cinematographer, you should
read this book. Once you decide it's what you want to do, then read my
- Blain Brown
author of “Cinematography: Theory and Practice”

The book is available for purchase online at
The direct link is below:

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I am sure the book is great but I hope you can make contributions to the forums other than this post advertising your book!