New review: Disparue [Gone] 2019

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The theme of false memories and imaginary (or are they) families is a staple of the thriller genre – and I might add, one of my least favourite tropes. When dealt with in mainstream Hollywood, it is usually handled so ham-fistedly, that the director might as well be bludgeoning you over the head with a wooden speech-bubble containing the words “BUT THEY REALLY DO EXIST AND THIS IS ALL A CONSPIRACY” splattered across it in luminous paint.

Fortunately, French filmmaker Joan Bentosela has a deft touch which means that, while the theme of his latest short, Disparue, might not be original, the delivery is subtle enough to make audiences feel they have still seen something new. Indeed, it is this subtlety which means that a sub-genre that usually misappropriates mental health issues to melodramatic effect can allude to the subject in a genuinely affecting manner.

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