NEW SFX PACKS - Very affordable


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SEVEN NEW SOUND EFFECTS PACKS has gone through some upgrades in the last few days. This includes adding seven new sound effects packs ( as listed* below) along with 24 new royalty-free music tracks. Other improvements include adding meta data to the sfx wav files, and making the website more mobile compatible. There are now 35 sound effects packs and several hundred royalty-free music tracks available on the website.

New Sound Effects Packs - November-December 2015
Packs are $6.95 each

Pack 22 - Locks, Latches and Safes

Pack 23 A -Metallic Clunks, Thuds, Clangs and Scrapes

Pack 23 B - Workshop Tools and Machinery

Pack 23C - Construction Site, Earthworks and Building

Pack 12B - Footsteps Part 2

Pack 09D - Sci-Fi - Strange Effects, Pulses, Space Crafts & Motors

Pack 20B - Beepers, Clickers, Counters & Computers