New to Filmmaking, Question for cameras


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:?: Hi im new to this forum. This place seems like a godsend for me because i have many questions. ill start off with one. Is there a Digital camcorder out their sufficient enough to shoot 16mm quality film? Thanks
Well, HD and 16mm are similar in resolution. But resolution is only one factor in image quality. And I suspect what you didn't want to hear is that, yes, a $100,000 camcorder has 16mm resolution...

I have seen footage from the non-HD 24P Panasonic SDX900 DVCPRO50 camcorder transferred to 35mm and the quality was 16mm-ish. That's more like a $20,000 camera.

Even footage from the consumer 24P Panasonic DVX100 transferred to 35mm can look sort of like 16mm, if by 16mm, you mean kinda mushy 16mm...