Newbie from Hawaii, here just saying Hi


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This is Hokulani from Hawaii, currently living near Fresno.

Ever since moving from Hawaii, I've been a total wreck. I left behind friends, family, a rewarding internship at a TV station, and a lot of other things.

Now in Fresno, I don’t really know what to do with myself. I’ve been trying to find my feet for the past few months with minimal success. The only thing I’m banking on is the hope that my parents will eventually allow me to go to Film School in LA, but it slim.

As for my Film experience: I first became interested in film back in middle school when they pulled me out of math class and placed a camera in my hands (a long story that I wont waste your time with by posting on here) I then entered the Media and Communications department in High school, producing short short films, documentaries and news packages to air on Local news channels as well as for a monthly Teens TV series that I helped produce. While in High school, I accumulated numerous awards and recognition for my achievements.

After graduation, I had a short stint at the local public TV station, where I assisted in the mentoring of middle and high school students in the use of company equipment and procedures, participated in numerous film shoots ranging from Hula competitions to government board meetings.

Hobbies of mine include reading, writing, conlanging, listening to music and being a complete nerd.

I’ll be mainly lurking around gathering info, while I hope my parents will allow me to attend Film school next year.

Peace out.


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Welcome! The good thing today is that with cheap DV and HDV cameras it's easy to just get hold of one, find a few aspiring actors and go shoot some movies without spending a lot of money. Even if you don't go to film school, you can make movies without it.