Newbie here, lots of questions!


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Hey, I'm new to the film making scene and I have lots of questions. I was hoping some of you guys could help me out. Here they are:

What is a High Slide Filter used for?

When focused on a subject, which area or distance of Depth of Field is larger? front or back?

Does Dolly In/Out have the same effect as a Zoom In/Out?

Is a Tracking Shot something that follows the subject on a parallel course?

Does the Neutral Density filter affect the color of the film? Are they ONLY used with color film?

Is color film stock balanced for 3400 deg Kelvin called Daylight Film?

Does Tungsten lighting contain less blue light than daylight?

Is film color balanced for 5400 deg Kelvin made to respond properly in Tungsten light or Daylight?

When shooting color tungsten film in daylight should I remove the 85 filter?

Does the largest f/stop a lens has reflect the speed of that lens?

Does a reflect viewfinder show what the lens sees more accurately than a non-reflex finder?

What is the relationship between the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the frame called?

How many frames per second is sound speed?

What is the ASA/ISO of Super-8 Ektachrome film?

In most cases, what is the preferred fixture for Fill Light?

Hair light, Kicker light and cheek light are all variants of key light, background light, or separation light?

Is the 18% ever used with a Reflective light meter?

Are lighting ratios determined by Key plus Fill : Fill?

Is the fill light supposed to mimic the ambient light source?

thanks in advance!