Nicolife: Episode 6 | SEASON FINALE!

Nicolai Travis

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Check out Episode 6, our season finale of the independent comedy web series Nicolife.

Runtime: 17 min 57 sec

In Nicolife: Episode 6, Nicolai expresses his undying love for the dance instructor Kiri-Kiri and tragedy follows.

This season finale concludes the storyline that we originally set out to tell when we planned out the first season of Nicolife. We hope you enjoy it!

The web series Nicolife tells the story of Nicolai and Phil, two attention-starved nobodies who desire fame and fortune above anything else. Unfortunately, their social ineptitude lead them down a path of immense tragedy and untimely death. The show is a satirical look at the egocentrism of our YouTube generation.

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Nicolai Travis

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Here are some behind the scenes shots from the making of Nicolife: Episode 6. We really tried to push ourselves to make a season finale that surpassed anything we've accomplished in the past!



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