Nosferatu Festival 2021 Short Film Contest Call for Entries

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The 3rd annual Nosferatu Festival is expanding to include a film contest with an open call for entries through December 1st.

The Nosferatu Festival is proud to announce the addition of the Vampire Short Film Contest. The 3rd Annual Nosferatu Festival celebrates 99 years of Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, and will take place March 6 & 7th, 2021 with both online and In-person festivities.

The Nosferatu Festival Vampire Film Contest is open to all submissions of the vampire sub-genre. In this case, a vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living. All submissions must be 20 minutes or shorter for consideration. Selected short films will have a chance of being honored with awards, prizes, and possibly even featured online or at one of the Nosferatu Festival in person events in Las Vegas, NV or Austin, TX!

Filmmakers interested in submitting their short film can apply and see the full list of rules at Nosferatu Festival. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 1, 2020 with a $15 entry fee. Late submission will be accepted through Dec. 1 with a $20 fee.

About Nosferatu Festival
Austin, TX was the home of Nosferatu Festival for its first 2 years. Now in its 3rd year, Nosferatu Festival is moving online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with some select in-person social distancing events in Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX. For 2021, the online Nosferatu Festival will feature the great live music, exotic performers, DJs, costume contests, vendors, and art gallery, and exclusive Nosferatu merchandise that you have come to expect, plus the new film contest!


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