Offering Free Original Compositions - Looking For Experience

Steven Myles

New member
I just completed a BEng Audio Tech Course and I'm keen to get some more experience doing composition and sound design for visual media. Ideally any projects I become involved with could be used for portfolio purposes.
For the past 6 years I have been writing, recording and producing my own work as well as being involved in numerous collaborative projects. My most recent work can be heard here at the link below. Check the track description for details of my exact contribution in each case.

As you can hear, I have certain styles that I prefer to write in, however I am more than willing to try something new.
I am not seeking payment, only experience. I am mainly interested in projects of around 5 - 10 mins of music, though this is negotiable.
Anyway, listen to the tracks and if you think you would like to work together on a project then please get in touch at

Thanks, Steven