OMG £400 Sony worse than an IPHONE and GO Pro... I am stunned...


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So I bought a Sony CX 625 HandyCam steady SHot...

The images are dreadful and have no idea what to do now. Clearly its going back. But How can a thing that is designed to do one thing be worse than a tiny phone... well marginally better but not pic quality.

I should car videos

This was an IPHONE on a gimball.

You dont have to watch. Its just for reference.

I just assumed that buying a camcorder so I can have a better mic out, would be the answer but clearly £400 odd is entry level and with that in mind I am shocked and stunned at how good an iphone is...

Do you know for cars and having an good mic input what I should have bought?

I have played with HD settings and set it to 50p 50i and all sorts, chose AV HD high etc.

Also the stupid import system is not like a go pro - you have to use silly software or import straight to FCPX...

ANy ideas on what I need to do next?