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On-Going FREE On-Line FILMMAKING WORKSHOP & INDIE COMMUNITY ~ www.skript2skreen.info

"skript2skreen" is a FREE Members-Only ONLINE WorkShop covering Each & Every ASPECT of Indie-FILM/TV PRODUCTION thru a STEP-BY-STEP/HANDS-ON approach in a COMPREHENSIVE, FULL-DETAIL, METICULOUS [and FUN] way - from initial SCRIPT-IDEA ("skript") all the way to DISTRIBUTION ("skreen") via VIDEO-Tutorials, INTERACTIVE PDF-WorkSheets, Member's Q&A/NETWORKING Forum, & LIVE TRAINING STREAM - along with TOP Industry-Professional GUESTS - categorized into the 5-STAGES of Producing a HIGH-QUALITY SUCCESSFUL Indie-FILM/TV Project


There are LOTS of free indie-film production websites out there that provide LOTS of valuable info, yet in our experience there are none (even those that charge membership-fees) that provide Step-By-Step GUIDANCE throughout the ENTIRE Process of Indie-FILM/TV Production

Our VISION for "skript2skreen" is to provide just such a Free-Online RESOURCE by inviting YOU all to join us on the JOURNEY as we PRODUCE our "VEHICLE" Feature-Film PROJECT

Thru this WorkShop, our AIM is to assist in becoming PROFESSIONALLY CONFIDENT to Produce your Indie-Film and/or Episodic-TV project(s) - whether Beginner or Experienced, Hobbyist or PRO, this WorkShop provides EVERYTHING needed to realize your Indie-Production GOALS

* * *

The TRUE Purpose of www.skript2skreen.info:

We at MalaCom-UNATI are PROUDLY & will FOREVER be INDEPENDENT FilmMakers & do indeed have ALOTTA "issues" with HOLLYWOOD (lol - both CREATIVELY as well as "politically");

so let's get-clear on the TRUE purpose of the s2s-WorkShop: it is BY NO MEANS meant to suggest we "sell-out" our INDIE VISION to conform to the Hollywood-Standards of "commercial" Film/TV entertainment

it IS meant to provide us with the TOOLS - Skills/Techniques - the PROCESS of Producing Projects that are at the "mainstream" level of HIGH-QUALITY

by MAINSTREAM quality, we certainly don't necessarily mean COMMERCIAL (unless of course that is indeed your goal), we simply mean the level-of-quality we're all accustomed to experiencing in THEATRES & TV

if our goals are to Produce unique-projects mainly for our Friends/Colleagues/Family & to share solely within our Local-Communities (which is indeed of course quite a worthy/inspiring goal) then we can more-or-less "get away" with a level-of-quality that may be considered "amateur" by Industry-Professionals

yet, if our goals are ALSO to Produce these unique-projects that share our Indie-Vision with the GENERAL-PUBLIC thru MAJOR THEATRE/TV DISTRIBUTION, the only-way to have the opportunity to do that is for our project's to have the level-of-quality considered "professional" by those Industries

that level-of-quality is of-course achieved - like any other skill-based profession - by KNOWING/UTILIZING the TOOLS/PROCESSES & SKILLS/TECHNIQUES that assure such level-of-quality;

it is obviously indeed HOLLYWOOD who has DEVELOPED/HONED/PERFECTED those Tools-Processes/Skills-Techniques

we can learn all that stuff thru trial/error-frustration/disappointment (all of which of-course are Great-Teachers) AND/OR we can learn all that stuff thru the Knowledge/Application of the Industry's 5-STAGE PROCESS OF PRODUCTION: the latter is what the s2s-WorkShop aims to provide our cherished Indie-Community

so, in a nut-shell, there are basically 12 MAJOR-ELEMENTS that affect the Level-of-Quality of any Production - our PROFICIENCY in executing them determines whether the "Look & Feel" of the Project will be either Professional/Amateur; they are:

A] the Quality of CAMERA-WORK (i.e., Composition/Framing, ANGLES, Camera-Movement, et al.)

B] the Quality of the LIGHTING (i.e., "2/3/4-Point" CINEMATIC Lighting, Natural & "Practicals" MANIPULATION, et al.)

C] the Quality of SOUND (i.e., Clarity/Tone/Resonance of Sound-CAPTURE, et al.)

D] the Quality of the ACTING ('nuff-said ~ LOL)

E] the Quality of LOCATIONS (i.e., SET-Design/Decoration/Dressing, et al.)

F] the Quality of the ACTION (i.e., Stunt/Fight CHOREOGRAPHY, et al.)

G] the Quality of SFX/CGI/VFX (i.e., if-applicable, thru the various Software-Programs used to Create such, et al.)

H] the Quality of the AUDIO (i.e., CAPTURE, et al.)

H] the Quality of the SCORE/SOUNDTRACK (i.e., Emotional-MOOD, et al.)

I] the Quality of the EDITING (i.e., Timing/Pacing, "Cutting-on-the-Action", Color-GRADING, et al.)

J] the Quality of the SCRIPT (i.e., Story-STRUCTURE, Main/Supporting-CHARACTERS, THEME, et al.)

K] the Quality of PRODUCTION (i.e., ORGANIZATION, Team-Work, SCHEDULING, et al.)

all the Skills/Techniques within each of these 12 MAJOR-ELEMENTS were all developed to not only assure the Overall-Quality of a FILM/TV project but also to fully bring-about the DIRECTOR's VISION in regards to the Emotions/Reactions & Overall-EXPERIENCE he/she wants to elicit from the Audience (as just one example, if we want to make the Audience TRULY FEEL empathy/anger/joy/sorrow/excitement in-reaction to a Character and/or Scene, other than the ACTOR's performances there are SPECIFIC Camera-Shots/Lighting that elicit those specific Audience-Emotions & choosing the "wrong" ones can cause the Audience to feel the OPPOSITE of what the Director intends)

the 12 MAJOR-ELEMENTS are THOROUGHLY discussed in FULL-DETAIL throughout skript2skreen's 5-STAGES of PRODUCTION (along with the PRODUCTION-RESOURCES on the Member's Download-Page & the before/after video-samples of how the 8 MAJOR-ASPECTS contribute to "professional vs amateur" footage which are interspersed throughout all the Video-Tutorials on the website)

THANKS for JOINING US - SEE Y'ALL THERE ;-) www.skript2skreen.info

* * *
skript2skreen FB-Group: www.facebook.com/groups/skript2skreen

* * *

kindly do let us know thru the NETWORK FORUM's "MEMBER FEEDBACK" section 'bout your experience with skript2skreen thus far, as well as your Comments/Suggestions 'bout improving it - we'd LOVE to hear from you

Peace, Love, & SUCCESS

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Never give up! If someone posts something related to filmmaking it's ok. That is the topic we cover here. If it's something else you can message me and I will remove it!


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Never give up! If someone posts something related to filmmaking it's ok. That is the topic we cover here. If it's something else you can message me and I will remove it!

Hello Kim ;-)

Our apologies to you & the studentfilmmakers Community; you may remember a while back, you invited us via e-mail to join & post the above info in the Forums & on HDPG - seems we misunderstood by posting in multiple forum-categories, which a coupla members have considered to be "spam" - in retrospect, we should have just picked 1 forum, but again we misunderstood

we tried to delete all but 1 of these posts, but could not find a way to do that ourselves, so please do feel free of course to delete the others should you feel it appropriate to do so

we did not feel it was "spam" tho, as the s2s-WorkShop is indeed totally/completely free & will always remain so - it's not the somewhat popular "ploy" these days where free-membership is offered up-front & then a paid-membership is required to access the resources/materials beyond the "introductory" sections (we don't particularly "agree" with such marketing-strategies, which is one of the main reasons we've created skript2skreen)

we are super-passionate filmmakers who have a true desire to "Pay-It-Forward" & studentfilmmakers certainly seems like one of the best venues to share "s2s", as the community indeed seems to be of like-minded Passion for this wonderfully-crazy Biz of Filmmaking ;-)

yet, again, our sincere apologies to you & the community if our posting in multiple-categories was inappropriate

thanks, Kim ;-)

Peace, Love, & SUCCESS