pmG gives $30 chance to get their $1195 CG software through DareToShare Challenge

pmG is doing a "DareToShare" Challenge experiment for students, recent grads,
teachers, schools, training centers, hobbyists, starving artists, the unemployed,
and the underemployed, allowing them to get their award winning $1195 animation
and rendering software, messiahStudio6 Pro, for the unheard of price of just $30.

Our hope is that the results will help convince other major companies of the power
of share based group buying, and let us help them to do similar campaigns, making
software of all types, more accessible to you.

Go to and reserve your license
now; then spread the word and make it happen.

This is the same software that studios and individuals, in more than 114
countries around the world, have been using to create visual effects for
features(X-men, Ghost Rider, Harry Potter and more), commercials, TV shows,
games and music videos; and now they're offering it to you at a "no excuses"
price, if you DareToShare the offer, and allow others to benefit too.

Whether your interests are: Character Rigging - Animation - Rendering and
Lighting - 3D Stereoscopic output for film - Expressions, CG Programming (open plug-in
SDK and Connection API through C programming) - Simulation or Game Development
output to packages like Unity through FBX, there's something there for everyone to enjoy.
Many of our users have gone on to work at top studios, created their own CG movies with
messiahStudio, and have even been nominated for Academy Awards. Now it's your turn.

messiah's real-time rigging and animation capabilities have won awards since 1999.
Its global illumination render engine is an enhanced version of the Arnold
renderer that top studios have used for their own movies, and would cost
nearly $1000 on its own. messiahStudio is a secret weapon in the arsenal
of CG creation, known for being able to accomplish things in record time with
a speed and flexibility that people find hard to match in other CG programs.

Fori Owurowa
Co-Founder and President
pmG Worldwide, LLC