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Hey everybody! I have got myself into a bit of a delema here. In the final scene of my screenplay, I have a body of a man laying down on the floor who was just fatally shot (in the head, back, whatever) and I need to have a pool of blood 'grow' underneath him. Any thoughts?

Barry Lyndon

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You're not going to be able to hide that much blood underneath the actor, so unless you plan on using an expensive dummy, I'm guessing you'll have to pipe the blood in.

A long segment of rubber or plastic hose would work pretty well if the blood isn't mixed too thick (and you won't want to be, if you want it to pool quickly). Run the hose underneath the actor and place the open end wherever your wound is going to be. Figure out a way to pump the fluid and you've should have a controlable pool of blood.

You might have a hard time hiding the hose for your long shot. You may end up hiding it under the actor's leg or some furniture. If you don't want to do either, you could run the hose under the carpet (if there is carpet in the room).

That's how I'd try it, anyway. Hope that suggestion helps, or helps spark an even better one. Cheers.


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I agree with the use of the tube. We've done that on several shoots. Unfortunately, on the long shots, depending on how open the room is, you may just have to take the tube out in post. But, it's the easiest way to go.


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Here I was thinking you buy a mini fountain pump like they are really cheap simply attach a tube running under actors clothing and under his head and simply get a hose attachment that splits hose in 2 so you could have blood flowing from mouth and back of head, any ways place the pump into a bucket of really low viscosity blood and turn pump on. Here are some pix of me in the position and with tube setup *red line means tube*

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