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Hey, im interested in going to a film school after i graduate highschool. Im 16 (a junior) and ive worked on a few projects with my church (interviews, editing, camera work) I need help with putting together a portfolio. (out of state school would require a scholarship)

Im thinking if i made from scratch a short film, it would add a lot to my portfolio, i have the resources, not to mention i would enjoy the proccess quite a bit.

But what do you guys suggest? would a short film be good for this kind of thing, or should i try something else?
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I am in film school and I made a short film to get accepted. Most film schools want to see that you are interested in making movies and that you are able to create a story. I think I would have had less of a chance of getting in if I would have just sent in a music video I mad. Showing that you can create story is important. That is all depending on where you apply though. Good luck!