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Hey guys I'm new to this forum (I've been on for a few days now) and I was just hoping someone could give me some critiques on it. It's one of the first music videos I've done and I understand that the production quality is low, the image is noisy, and the camerawork and lighting are kind of off. Any critiques on the video, concept, technical aspects, etc. would be so helpful. Most people just comment on the song which isn't really helpful for me personally. Thanks guys!

The video can be found here (it's my own personal website with an embedded Vimeo player):
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There is definitely a lot to improve but you still did better than everyone who don't make any videos for sure :D
The most important thing that I understood soon after I started was that LIGHTING is the key to make quality videos. Does not matter so much about the camera (i know people who make good quality videos with Gopro only) - if you take time to learn to light your shots properly you will get good results. No post production can make a crappy shot good. You must make it right on the spot. If you don't have the lights - rent them.
Good luck in your future projects!


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Thanks for the criticism! And yeah I agree 100%. I do not mean to sound all defensive and everything, but the reason that the lighting is the way it is in the video is simply because of what I had to work with. Unfortunately, for a early work, this was a lot to take on for a 1 man crew and I am somewhat of a perfectionist. There was no conceivable way to carefully layout lighting and shots when you're dealing with a party full of drunk people! If it was up to me and I had the time and space to, I would have at least tried to improvise the lighting with table lamps, etc. but this was just not possible. Again, I don't mean to sound defensive, I just want it to be known that I gave it thought and it just couldn't work out like that. Having said that, I have a basic knowledge of lighting, but definitely not where I want to be with it. It is something I not only need to be but love to work on and learn more about!