Renderyard 8th Short Film Festival will be first ever Smart TV film festival


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Hello student filmmakers

Just wanted to share some recent news about the 8th Renderyard Short Film Festival which has partnered with woomi, a web-enabled tv platform, to create the first smart TV film festival.


Read the release here:

It would be interesting to hear from you with your views about the future of film festivals and film distribution in general as we often get feedback that you would rather showcase on platforms other than the internet.

Renderyard has been featuring and networking with emerging and established independent filmmakers, animators and producers for a long time and you can find out more about them and the short film festival here:

As for us, woomi can be found on Toshiba smart TVs in Toshiba Video Places and Panasonic VIERA smart TVs in Panasonic VIERA Connect Market (app store). We are looking to reinforce our positioning as an ultimate hub for indie film for smart TV/web-enabled tv devices and are always looking for exciting new content publishers. For more info:

Partner with us:

Looking forward to your feedback and hopefully your participation in the future!