Rock on!!! the head.

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Have you ever had to console an actor who's crying on set?

So have I.

It all started one Friday afternoon. Myself and two actors were rehearsing the beautiful, beautiful movie we were going to shoot that evening and the rest of the weekend.

'tall went splendidly. We were getting more excited about shooting this movie than a cow in a haystack store.

But was something out of place?

Well, something sure was different. Wouldn't call it an omen though.

See, up until that point I had never rehearsed a movie from start to finish before shooting it. We just sort of rehearsed and shot as we went along.

But not this time. This time things were different. If practise makes perfect, perfection was what I was going to attain.

By late afternoon, early nightfall, we were rehearsing a very exciting scene. It would entail somebody getting the drop on us, almost, except his keys fall ouf of his pocket, warning us that danger is above us.

We jump away, just before a rock flies at us, missing us by mere metres.

Yep, rehearsal went fine. We were more than ready. Bring on the film shoot, we all said. Not loudly but in our minds. Or maybe we went on to think about other things, but that's fine, because the next day would be doing this.

Then came the next day. Now we were shooting (with a camera). All joking was put aside. No more joking because this is the real thing. Our very performance, timing and memory of rehearsal would make or break the success of the film we were putting down for posterity. We want people a billion years from now think, wow, they sure were there!

Then came the time of the flying rock, that is supposed to fly dangerously close past us.

Kevin Sweefarend and Snuifie had to jump away, being missed only by inches by a flying rock speeding past them.

Well, the evil character's rock went flying from his hand. On course. Or is it?

And then it happened.

The rock flew and bounced off the top of the head of the actor who plays Snuifie.

The script and the story was forgotten from here on.

The evil character grabbed his own head, shouting "Yoooooooooooooooooooo!!!", knowing full well he has unwittingly caused pain and injury to a fellow human being.

It took only a split second for the rock-head bounce to happen, but we had to stop filming for about five or ten minutes while Snuifie cried snot and tears and whallowing or howling or whatever that sound is that accompanies crying.

Crying is not a pleasant thing. Usually it's accompanied by sadness and despair at the situation.

Finally Snuifie was just sniffing. The crying subsided. Lots of apologies were flung around between us all like rice at a wedding.

Then we carried on with the filming of the film.

The scene came out beautiful. The rock bouncing off the head of Snuifie happens in just a split second, but it cost about 10 minutes of shooting time because understandably, rocks bouncing off heads make people cry.

Ah memories.

If you want to see the scene we were discussing here, please have a look. But look quickly coz the rock thing happens so fast, if you blink you'll miss it.

Lesson is, lacrimas fundere nonnihil.

You might want to keep a Band-Aid in your pocket during filming.

Lastly, why are there letters on the raptor?