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I just jumped on a Virgin Blue Airplane Commercial from a DP friend of mine as the Video Split Operator.... It's a pretty big budget commerical and because i will always be next to the director i would like to make a good impression by actually knowing what my role is. So,

What does the actual role consist of? and do you have any hints to be extra organised?

It's in two days so any help would be much appreciated.
It's being shot on 35, mostly from outside the airplane, but that's all the information i have at the moment.

Thanks, James.


The video split operator, also known as the video assist operator, is the guy in charge of the "video farm." Basically, you're in charge of getting a video signal from the film camera to a bank of video monitors that are used by the director, DP, and others to monitor the action. You'll also be in charge of recording the sources and offering replay of footage if it's requested. There are other responsibilities, but they depend on the shoot and the equipment used.

The signal comes through the viewfinder of the camera via a prism that "splits" the beam of light coming in through the lens. It then goes to a video adapter, which sends the signal to a processor at the video farm.