Screenplay help with Low or No Budget Short Film


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Hi All,
I been trying to make a short movie for years and keep on reading about Filmmaking and most of time wasted time on what kind camera to buy. And after so much of research (only from internet), realized the MAIN THING needed for a movie is STORY..And started reading about “HOW to Write a Screenplay” where I got struck right now.

This is the place I found so many great questions and suggestions for beginners from experienced ppl and I thought I can post my IDEA for making my Short Film here and go through all the Film making process(pre-production , Production and Post production) with you and your feedback /suggestions.

Short Film:
- This Short film is to learn the Film making process.
- To go on web Youtube or Vimeo.
- Low or Zero Budget

Equipment I can afford:
- 3CCD Panasonic Consumer Camcorder.
- HD Low end canon Vixia Camcorder with External Mic input.
- 3.5mm External Shotgun Mic.
- Some Lights.
- Editing Software.
- Tripod, Camera Slider and Camera Jib(for Rent).

As said above, intention of the movie is to TELL THE STORY effectively with the equipment I have.

IDEA for short Film:
- Person who believes DREAMS are because of the thoughts and incidents when he’s awake.
- Eventually, his thoughts effect by his DREAMS.
- Dreams Takeover on him.
- He reaches a point where he can’t distinguish between DREAMS and REALITY.
- He has to come out of this situation by himself.

**as It’s a low budget movie, the story should revolve around Low or No Budget locations like house , in car ,parking lot etc.

Any feedback/suggestions/help with creating screenplay around this idea is appreciated. Updated this IDEA and some research on DREMS in If any one interested, please send PM of your email ID , I will share the project with you with Read and write access.

Posting this Thread in screenplay Forum, once done with Screen play , I will move this thread to PRODCUTION Forum.

Thanks In Advance !!
Hi there. Well, the spirit of your idea is great. However it's important to write down and know definitively what EVENTS happen to affect this character's progression through his dreams. A great book to read and it's a quick read is "Screenwriting Updated" By Linda Aronson. She has a great little section on short film scripts that i think you can benefit from. Read a review of the book here:

best wishes,