second attempt at bluescreen lighting



So I did my second bluescreen lighting today as the gaffer on a minimal crew. I had a 750w lowel tota, a 500w lowel omni, and a 1k lowel DP light, as well as an arri 300w. The studio had a couple of 4 bank 4ft kinos on the grid, but they only covered the right side of the bluescreen. We were shooting with 2 DVX100a camcorders in 24p. So what I did was bounce the 1k off an umbrella to even out the left side of the bluescreen. I took the Tota light and put it camera right to use as a hair light. We couldn't hang anything from the grid due to time and equipment constraints. I used the Arri 300w as the key light positioned at about a 70 degree angle from the camera to the subject (i'm not sure i'm describing it right...maybe it's about 30 degrees?). I used the 500w aimed through the umbrella (effectively using it as diffusion because we lacked any in our light kit) for the fill. It still came out fairly flat, but there was some modeling of the features, and I was happy with it. It still looked pretty nice.

I was proud of it, and hopefully I'll get to do more lighting soon. Just thought I'd share my joy and experience from today. Thanks for listening!



hey sounds cool, have you shot any test footage on the screen? how did it come out? I built a greenscreen for my upcoming shoot and lit it with just some totas:

when I did some tests and tried to key it in After effects, it came out HORRIBLE!! but then I downloaded a trial version of seriousmagic's keying software that I saw an ad for, and it worked sooo well! I was pretty surprised! Sorry, this sounds like an advertisement for Seriousmagic!! but i didn't really expect such uneven lighting to work so well...