Seeking Help/advice for audio sync problem



Hello everyone,

I am an Absolute newbe here, and to both forums and Adobe in general, so I may be going about this all wrong. If so forgive me, but I have a problem that I would Desperately like some help with.

For about twenty-five years I have been looking for a movie, the problem was hampered somewhat by the fact that it was never released on either VHS or DVD, making it rather hard to find as you might imagine. Now, thanks to the wonder of a (new?) site called youtube, I found DL it piece by piece. I don’t mind that it is not DVD quality, in fact, since it was originally a made for tv film, I kind of like it.

The PROBLEM is that for some reason the audio doesn’t match up with the video. It is a few seconds before/after (Don’t ask me why, I don’t Know computers much) and though I have dl/tried every program I can get my hands on, I can’t seem to join the pieces together and get the stuff to sync up. It’s like watching an old, old Japanese monster movie – and watching Those gave me a headache when I was young – lol.

Then someone told me that Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 could fix the problem, so I DL it on a trial basis. Thing is, I know nothing about computers and can’t even get the movie to load. Let me say I am not especially computer literate, and while I am currently trying to figure out Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 I most likely Won’t be keeping it past the 30-day trial. Not that I don’t like it (I suppose, so far I have been able to get absolutely no place with it) but rather because I DL it for one reason and, at almost a thousand dollars, it seems an extravagance for a program I will likely never have the need to use again.

(No disrespect intended)

With utmost respect to all, could someone either guide me through the process or convert the thing for me? I have tried going the video editing rout, but they won’t help me due to a copyright thing (though I grabbed the thing from public youtube). I don’t want to publically display, resell, show off or make a dime from the thing, I just want to make it sync up and burn it to dvd to watch on my tv.

Any advise/help would be warmly appreciated. I am posting this in a couple of forums, so like I said, if I am out of line I apologize.

Respectfully to all. :)