Selling of English Short Horror Movie


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I am a Filmmaker from India. Recently I made an English Short Horror Movie of 20 mins having Indian culture with good quality content. This movie is releasing on 1st December. I wish to sell this content at negotiable price. Please inbox. Link of the Trailer

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Hello, wouldn't you prefer to keep it and have it streamed on a television station, such as Roku/ Smart Television that will be available for MILLIONS of viewers? Think about it, you can make a string of short films and have it streamed. In a few months, The Writer's Television app will be available to download on iphone, androids, Apple TV etc which would give your shows access to more views. My name is AdriAnne Headen and I just started my own Roku/Smart TV station. The station was designed for Independent filmmakers as yourself to display their work WITHOUT COST. The station will be streaming 24/7 days a week and some movies will be on Demand as well. I am currently filling up spots and noticed your post. If you have any questions, please email me at: