Send movies, promos and television screeners through a protected download environment converts any work into a secure file encoded with unique and traceable digital identification signatures that your client can downloaded to their computer, external device or DVD. Our server storage and download security technology protects each and every screener, combating piracy at the very heart of the entertainment industry. is a movie screener download center created for film industry professionals. We securely connect producers, distributors and rights holders with companies and individuals that license and acquisition movies worldwide.

• Save money in shipping costs for screeners and promos.
• Screeners delivered in minutes instead of days to your clients with real time history to see when they actually download a screener.
• Higher quality and less restrictive than streaming. Buyers can download and screen anytime with just a few clicks.
• Our technology individually watermarks your clients name and adds a unique set of traceable security signatures to every download you send, reducing the chance of piracy or unauthorized distribution.
• You can have your own domain: or sub-domain giving your company its own download center website. Your site will be updated and maintained with new films, shows, promos and information you want to add or change on a monthly basis.

Here is How it works:

1) You open an account on the website if you would like to use our Pay-as-you-go service or we create a sub domain (or domain) private download website for your company. You upload movies promos and shows that you want to be made available as screeners to your buyers. You can also send us the DVD’s directly - we can convert and upload them for you.
2) When you want to send a screener to a buyer, simply access the site, click on the movies or shows you want to send. Then put in the clients e-mail, name, company and any additional notes or information you want to include- Then click and send.
3) Your client will receive an e-mail that he or she simply clicks on and the movie or show will download in .AVI format to their computer. On the movie, the client’s name and company name will be burned at approximately 10-minute intervals as well a traceable digital encodings to further reduce the chance that your movie will end up in the hands of unauthorized sources.

Try it for yourself. Log into our demo account and send yourself one of a 2 minute demo movies.

Here's how you do it:
Go to:
Log in with the following credentials:
User ID: userid
Password: password

1) You will be brought to the My Film Bank page.
2) Click “Send this screener “ tab located in the box of the film you want to send to yourself.
3) Enter your E-mail address, Name, Company (required). Type a message you wish to send to you - the recipient (optional).
4) Check that you agree to authorize this transaction with the sites Terms of Service Agreement.
Click “Send”, and that's it, your screener is sent....
5) You will first receive a notice of your screener being ordered, then in a little later an e-mail with a link to your personalized screener ready to download.
6) Now either just CLICK on the link to download or right click and "Save Target As'" depending on your computer settings.

The point to remember is that no film can be downloaded with out your direct authorization.

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