Short Animation project for festivals


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Hello all,
This is my first post, as I am a new member here, I just joined today.

I am a writer and have aquired the rights to an award winning short story by Mildred Clingerman. For those of you who are not familiar with Mrs. Clingerman, in the 50's she was the FIRST WOMAN ever published in the genre of Sci-Fi. She was close friends with Isaac Asminov.

Anyway, when I read this story, called The Word, back in high school I fell in love with it, then when I was all grown up and started writing, I remembered the story, I found it again, so I went after the rights and aquired them, it's mine now. The point is, an animation can only be as good as the story. This story has already won awards, and if the cartoon looks as good as I want it too, it will win awards again, its a proven story.

So where are we now? ok I have adapted the story to the screen, written the script, developed characters, have actors for the voices and kinda have a composer for the soundtrack, and I can do the animation in Flash myself, what I need is artists to draw the characters and backgrounds. The short is mostly classic 2D animation but I will need a 3D animator for a small part. Most of this can be done via e-mail as I am in Toronto and probably far from everyone.

Anyway I think this is a great project to be involved with, as I said before its an award winning story and if it looks like i want it to (and it wont be made unless it does) it will win again. e-mail me
I hope to hear from some interested people soon