Short sci-fi thriller, Future Call


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Time travel movies are so exciting! This film revolves around a phone call warning of a shocking future event. Feedback welcome...



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Umm.... so I'm going to be straightforward with you this isn't very good. It doesn't display a lot of fundamentals of cinematography, lighting, directing, acting or any of it. The script has A LOT of exposition, the shots are not varied even across scenes (in fact it kind of looks like you're shooting with one hand and framing your arm out), the camera work is extremely shaky, the story is inherently confusing, the post prod. work is hard to watch at times (referring to the anti shake render you used in the third scene). I'm telling you all of this not to put you down or to feel bad. I want to point out specifically the things that could take this to the next level. On the plus side it has some strings of quality to it. You do display some basics and foundations for building up to bigger and better things and it's always important to realize that you're going to have a lot more misses than hits. Those hits, however, will take you far. Keep working man and I think you'll make something great in the future.


LOL you must be using something good. I will definitely be watching this next time when im drunk with friends! :D