SLOBBIES The Movie! A 90 minute super funny thrill-ride!

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Hey all!

Thought I'd share this news about the release of my movie SLOBBIES online. Have a look if you're in the mood for funny stuff. Enjoy!

About this movie:

Enjoy this feature length animated adventure, covering the life and times of Slobbies the lovable mutt! When Ol'Mom's teen son runs away from home to go and find himself in the world, Ol'Mom discovers an abandoned puppy on her doorstep. Seeing an opportunity to give all the love she wanted to give her son to this doggy, Ol'Mom takes Slobbies in and raises him as something between a son and a best friend. Slobbies has an amazing array of incredible adventures whilst living with Ol'Mom. He even has to go to school! But will their happiness last forever?