Sony Vegas 6.0



** Disclaimer ** : I mean this post/thread not as an advertisement, but as a recommendation for any beginner video editor interested in getting into the field at any level.

After being out for quite some time now, I have had my chance to toy around with this newer piece of software, and I must say, I am well pleased. This program's predecessor is what I learned to edit with, and with new features that help adjust to the new techniques and technologies in this career, it is my recommendation to try this product out if you are interested in video editing at all.

Adding new features that bring Vegas into the ring of professional editing software packages of Avid and Final Cut Pro, Sony has done well with their programming skills, and paid a bit of attention to what was lacking in the older versions.


After being away from this website and forum for many months, I received an email notice about a private message, and therefore, here I am. I have returned to learn and help.


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I am going to try this software out. I witnessed someone with absolutely no experience edit something in Sony Vegas (shot some stuff with a regular camcorder, and then edited it in just 2 or 3 minutes). It made me think, wow, I could put something together very quickly too! I don't have any experience with video editing software, so I'll be teaching myself and posting things here in the forums ~ lots of questions and comments!