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Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what I might have to offer to the members. I am a special effects makeup artist. I've helped on many productions and have a special place in my heart for people with the passion and guts enough to go out and make their own Indy film.

I can answer most questions you might have, and if I can't - I have allot of friends who are legends in the special effects film industry who can.

Just thought I'd say hello, it's great to be here! Check out my website if you want: www.traumafx.com, or my blog: http://traumafx.blogspot.com.

I'd be happy to help anyone!



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about film making

about film making

Dear Bob,

My name is Chris and i'm very glad to meet you!

i'm a composer and i really love animation special effects and film production!

i would like to know what are the nessesary tools (programms and cameras) and lessons (tutorials) that i have to take or buy to start making short movies!

i'm a newbie so i ask your patient cause i have to ask tones of questions !!!:oops:

i would love to make something like this one day!

thanks a lot :)



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Are you looking to help run and develop a creative sculpting project?

My name is Jekaterina Oertel. I am a German makeup artist currently working in London.

I'm taking part in a big and very exciting project: a large-scale trans-media co-production. One part of this unique project is to create an installation that will represent characters of a movie set. The film plot is situated between 1938 -1968 in the Soviet Union and was shot over five years all over Russia and Ukraine. I was the Hair and Makeup Designer as well as the HOD for the entire shoot.

My task now is to build up our installation that includes 60 mannequin figures, dressed in historical costumes and placed in poses telling the story of their characters. Think of Madam Tussauds, but I would like to experiment with other materials and have the figures look as human as possible.

To achieve this, I am looking for someone who can help me in recreating human body parts, has experience in casting and moulding, setting up a workshop, calculating a budget and has a profound understanding of materials and their suppliers.

If you think this could be an interesting adventure for you and you have the knowledge and passion for setting up a workshop with us, please don't hesitate to contact me.

A member of our team or I would be happy to show you around and discuss the details and conditions of a possible employment.

email: jekaterina@phenomenfilms.com