Stop-motion animations


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Hello everyone.
I have been working with stop-motion for about 2.5 years.
Still I haven't really made a movie, most of it was experimental.
I wanted to share some films I made.
I use a Canon MV700 to shoot the pictures directly to my computer.
With FramebyFrame (Animation software) it will be put together as an animation.
Final editing is usually done with iMovie.
Let's get some links up:
This is my latest, it is a drawn animation, I drew every picture seperately which made this way of animating very time consuming, but it looks pretty cool this way.
I made this one a little longer ago.
everything was made very small, but that was because I didn't have much clay.
So I had do it that way or else I would run short on the stuff.
I'm really into morphing, I guess you can see that in the video.

Anyway thanks for watching, and comments are always appreciated.