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<p><strong>Filmmakers, Videographers, and Crew: <em>Looking for rental houses in New York City?</em></strong><em><strong><br>
</strong></em> and Recommend CSI Rentals and Professional Sound Services. </p>
<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>CSI Rentals is the one stop shop in New York City</strong></a> for photo, video, and cinema equipment all under one roof featuring camera, lighting, and grip rentals as well as expendables supplies. CSI Rentals street level location speeds and eases loading, unloading, and accessibility and also offers curb side service. Let CSI bring your gear out to you while you stay in your vehicle. CSI additionally has a delivery and pick up service and a Brooklyn location for pick up and drop off. Get ready for your next productions with all necessary gear for outdoor shoots and productions on location.</p>
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<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Professional Sound Services</strong></a> (PSS) located in New York, NY is dedicated to providing the best in audio equipment Sales, Service and Rentals throughout the US and World. For a number of years PSS has brought a concern for service to a loyal clientele in production sound for motion pictures, broadcasting, and video production. They also serve recording studios, schools, universities, and government agencies worldwide. "If you ever have a question about audio equipment or our services, don't hesitate to call upon me personally." <br>
<em>- Rich Topham, Jr. - President - PSS</em>  </p>
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