Submit your film to Think Green: Moving Image Fashion Day


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A new Film Festival this July in London.

Focused on Ethical fashions and clothing inspired by nature. Now accepting submissions!

Think Green: Moving Image Fashion Day is an event which aims to present the new aesthetic of fashion concepts, concerned with the preservation of the environment or inspired by nature.

The event, as part of chain of successful fashion events, is a platform for young international directors providing them with a chance to promote their work.

We’re accepting applications from film makers and ethical designers that would like to display their video/ photographic work.

We are also setting up collaborations between designers/models and videographers if you are interested in being involved and have ideas but don’t have a short film yet.

This is a new and exciting event, intended to promote fashion in a different way, and guaranteed to draw a crowd!

We're open to any ideas, and you can be as imaginative as you like in terms of video content.

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There you can find the emails address for your video submission!!

Thanks! Victoria