Sullivan Creek Sasquatch Film Trailer:


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I made this trailer for a documentary I'm making... Of course I have no Idea what the full story is yet because I am still filming researchers for the rest of the summer - BUT HERE IS the first movie trailer I made to introduce what will be a feature film this fall (2020). I'm actually doing all of the filming and editing myself.
Hope you enjoy it.... PS: Read the text on the PG-13 Page.

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Marshall White

Kim Welch

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Hi Brian, Thank you for posting! It's funny. 3 Men and 2 other Men. Are you Marshall? How are you related to this project? :)


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Hi Kim,
Thank you and glad you got a chuckle out of the trailer.
Yes, Brian Marshall White. I started going by my middle name lately for creative projects. I use to live in Hawaii and do lots of paintings, but have moved on to filmmaking as my creative outlet lately.


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I started out using a Canon Vixia HF R600 (1080 HD) to shoot with and a few weeks ago I purchased a Canon Vixia G60 (4K camera). I also have a GoPro 6 I use to shoot action B Roll. I've been using Premier Pro to edit with, but am planning to switch to Davinci as soon as I upgrade my MackBook Pro. My next camera upgrade may be the BlackMagicPocketCamera 6K.
I live in a very small town ( Metaline Falls ) and don't really have a pool of people who are interested in film making, so I've been enjoying learning all the different aspects of making films by myself. I write scripts for my films, do the narration and acting when needed, do the filming, lighting, sound, and editing.
Thanks for asking.

Marshall White
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