Sweet Like Cherry Blossoms Series Finale

Hey guys! Fall Never Ends spinoff series is finally over! I ain't gonna lie I kinda lost motivation somewhere in the middle of this series but I didn't want to disappoint you guys so I pushed through it until the end. That being said it's going to be a while before I release my next series but I'll release some animation packs in the meantime and keep you updated on my next series. It's probably going to be a rock band series or something related to Death Note. Anyways thanks for watching Sweet Like Cherryblossoms until the end! Please leave any concerns about what happened to the characters in the comments. :D

Drake and Kai are faced with a difficult hardship when Do-Hyun finds out about their relationship.


Maura B.

The Last Black Unicorn
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Wow you actually made a spinoff! Very nice! You have a lot of potential in these series :)
Wow nice project Simplistix! Will you be making more 3D animations in the future? In what program do you make them? They are very well done