Take a look at our ad! (And help us improve)


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Hi everyone!

Me and a friend decided to enter a video ad-competition here in Sweden. We were wondering if you would like to check it out, and give us some constructive criticism.


Since the ad is in Swedish (and we haven't got subtitles), we're interested in hearing about what you think of the cinematography, the sound, basically anything related to the production value.

We used an A7s and Slog 2-mode, then graded in Speedgrade using Impulz luts. For audio we used a Rode Videomic Pro plugged in to the A7s itself, and also a Zoom H6. The Rode was more or less used as a backup sound source, in case something went wrong with the Zoom.

This was the first time we used professional lighting gear, and even though I think the lightning turned out a bit boring (and too dark, since we still see a lot of grainy video, and the colors are sometimes a bit off), it was still a fun and great learning experience.

So please take a look and comment what you thought! If you thought it was trash, tell us why. We really want to improve! :)