The circle and the wolf




The circle and wolf is a feature film, being made by performers from all over manchester, working for free, in order to create something new. This is what the films about, and I just want people to support me, :D

The circle, episode I

‘The Circle’ the hearts, minds bodies and souls of four ordinary people are tested by a spirit from the dark world beyond our own. Four people, are chosen by fate, and dropped into a world of darkness and light, good and evil, in which their strengths as people are explored, and the very foundations of what makes humans alive are twisted into something unnatural. Each member of the circle represent the four elements of the world, earth, fire, wind and water, they have no special powers, they are not vampires werewolves or witches, they are people, who embark on an extraordinary journey of the soul, to find the ultimate answers to a question no body asked.

A spirit, who’s name is unknown, introduces him self to our audience, his is either good or evil, he is guide, here to guide the minds of the four members of the circle. He talks directly into the camera, as if the audience where stood with in the room with him, he treats a watching audience as if an old friend, and every so often we would see responses from the camera, the occasional nod of agreement. The spirit tells the camera to choose its four friends whom will help them upon their journey into the unknown, as so the camera leaves the spirits home, to find the four members. As each member are introduced, a powerful force of the element they represent flow with in the air around them, unnoticed by the member of course.

After we are introduced to the four members, they are taken back to the home of the spirit, in which they are give four choices. The spirit chooses who must choose the first card, and begin their journey. After the first card is chosen, the four embark to their first location. As coincidence and fate appear so intertwined with in this, every location they choose, will have some special meaning to each member of the circle. With in each location, a dark force awaits, a strange puzzle waiting to be solved, a lost soul asking to be saved, and a event awaiting to be discovered.

With in location, something amazing occurs, but amazing just doesn’t mean wondrous to the circle, it can mean, dark, twisted and evil. In between each journey into the unknown, they return to their dark benefactor to choose another card, each time they speak with him, more to the power of the circle is revealed, and more evil and temptation opens up to them. After the circle finish their third journey, they return once more. As they speak to their spiritual master, he issues a warning to them, “One of you will turn Wolf, and turn against the circle, and when that happens, the rest of you will have completed your journey.” The embark once more, and make haste to the last location. The united circle unlock one last mystery, releasing the dark and light energies with in, and upon that critical moment, the Wolf reveals its self, it’s the audience. The wolf steps from the camera, with a speech of how powerful the dark energies are, the wolf strikes down the circle, and proceeds to taking the dark energies they had just released, however the spiritual guide reveals him to the circle telling them to unite. As the circle unite, the spiritual master confronts the wolf.

There is a big fight, previously the circle members showed no use of magical powers of anything, however the fight between the wolf and the master goes against this, they fight one another with dark and light energy hitting one another with lightning. As the circle unite, they give their master a boost of light energy, just as the wolf thinks he can defeat him, the master kills the wolf, but we don’t release this. As the master strikes him down, wolf stands laughing, but turns around to see his twisted corpse. The circle appears behind the master, in time to watch the soul of the wolf taken into the dark world. The master explains to the circle, the wolf has gone, but it will return in another shape, and will stop at nothing until the circle is corrupt. They leave the location, entering the real world again.