The Insignificant Truth [HD] - 16mm dark crime satire short


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Here is a link to my third fiction film in filmschool.
It was shot on 16mm and with a technique we developed called photographic sequencing (the scenes with "jerky" motion).
It is a Finnish/British coproduction and took 10 months in total to complete.

Main Cast - Jonathan Hutchings (Rare Exports)
Kris Gummerus

Oh and please comment if you have critique, because this has been a controversial film in our school and no festivals have yet
agreed to screen it. We don't understand this at all because even though it has some mature content it's in no way that
controversial. Some of our teachers really hate it :) I would very much appreciate tips on festivals which might want to screen it.


More info -


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Well done. I can see why instructors mightn't like it though. One thing might be the killing of the boy (having fictional kids being casually murdered is still a kind of taboo). Another might have something to do with attitudes towards possible influences (Guy Ritchie? Old Boy?).

In any case, it works very well as a short film. I wonder how it would translate as a longer work (i.e. full-length film). Would viewers be able to empathize more with the main character? Would there be more chances to provide a few lighter moments?


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Yeah, I agree that the subject matter can be off putting for some, and the influences are obvious.

The point of the movie was to take a feature concept and squeeze it into a 15 min version. It could be cool to make a longer version properly, and I could see that movie working, but it would defeat the purpose of what I tried to do. I have a couple of films on the go right now, and I don't see myself making this movie again ever. It was a brilliant learning experience seeing that we made it completely geurilla (no one got paid) and so it shall remain. Glad you appreciated it!


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First of all, I'm really disappointed. Not with your film but with your teachers. Several of them straight out hate it? I mean, they are entitled to, yet, how much do you pay to attend film school? Hate is such a strong word.

With that said, you film is not really my cup of tea, and like someone said, I can see why some of your teachers might not like it due to it's controversial nature/contente tc. But for a student film, I think it's quite ok. I didn't really care for the photographic sequences, but the rest is ok. In other words, it does the job. Especially for a guerrilla/student short. I say well done.

Edit: love the poster btw.
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