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Hey there, this is a short film me and some friends made for a 'make a film in a week' film competition. The theme was 'Visualise Sound'. The competition was sponsored by ASUS laptops, so we had to include a reference to their new notebook soundsystem, but hopefully the film still works.

We shot in 1080p on a Canon 7D. Please watch on high quality if you can!

Be great if anyone reading this could watch it and give some feedback!


Here's the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r7vD5G-Flk


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I'm continually impressed by the great production values around here! You also have excellent lighting, good job on that. My suggestion would be to create more suspense next time you have a scene like in the beginning (when the fella was gonna make the first sound.) Some more tension and nail-biting technique would have heightened the effect, but great job overall.