The StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a wonderful aid to the filmmaker at any level

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The StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a wonderful aid to the filmmaker at any level. It is used by and valuable tool for educators teaching at universities around the world. It can be of priceless benefit to the young filmmaker who wants to make advancement in the field.

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Reader Comments:

"It would have been wonderful if I had a magazine such as the StudentFilmmakers magazine available to me when I first started dreaming about becoming a cinematographer. It would have helped greatly to open up and help me understand the world of filmmaking and how to become part of it."
Andrew Laszlo, ASC

"As a video production professional for nearly 20 years, I'm simply amazed at how relevant I find so many of the articles in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, especially compared to all the other 'professional video' magazines I read each month. Keep up the excellent work!"
Bruce Borowsky, Founder/Director, Boulder Digital Arts, Boulder, Colorado

"I am receiving a personal copy of the magazine and use it to stay abreast of changes and ideas in the film industry as it pertains to students. Since I am the engineer in our department and have to keep everything running it is also helpful in educating me about pitfalls, deficiencies, and quirks about various equipment that students may use in their classes.

"I also receive a bundle of magazines each month that are distributed throughout our department and campus library. Our students have been enjoying the magazine immensely.

"I have also made purchases from the Studentfilmmakers store and would not have known about it except through the magazine."

Bill Bruce, Systems Engineer, Bossier Parish Community College, Television/Film Department, Bossier City, Louisiana

"StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a huge hit with our students. In class, I quote from it, and students often refer to specific articles they have read."
Steve Grossman, Assistant Professor of Cinema, The New England Institute of Art, Brookline, Massachusetts

"We display it in our main faculty suite and down at our equipment office. It is usually gone in 2-3 days! Students have told me they find the information useful and look forward to each issue."
Lorene Wales, Chair-Cinema Television, Regent University, Department of Cinema, Television, Virginia Beach, VA

"I have been teaching filmmaking for over thirty years and have received and subscribed to many film making magazines. Yours is the best I have ever read for aspiring film makers. Keep up the good work."
William Arscott, Professor of Art, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

"You have a great mag there. I've read every issue and pass them on to student filmmakers."
Nancy Carlson, Chair, Telecommunications Chair, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

"I am a library media specialist and share the magazine with teachers in my building and others throughout the district who work with students on film projects. In fact one of the teachers, Susan Jesse, who works at a middle school, loved the article on interviewing and shared this with her students. I enjoyed the article on story boarding and directing from the November issue. ...It is a great resource for us to share with students and staff who are tomorrow's budding filmmakers. Thank you for sharing your magazine with us."

'If we teach today like we did yesterday, we rob our children of the future.' ~John Dewey

Donna Unterreiner, Library Media Specialist, Oakville High School, St. Louis, Missouri

"... My students are very excited about your magazine and look forward to each new issue."
Alan Hymen, Video and Media Studies, Norman Howard School, Rochester, New York

"On behalf of the Film Production Program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, , I want to thank you for the StudentFilmmakers Magazine. It is really good.

"Our students received it a couple of weeks ago, and we found some ideas in it that became discussion points in one of the production classes and also in a documentary class. The articles were well written, to the point, clearly and effectively directed to film students.

"Our program is located in a small city, quite far from major production centres. Our students will eventually leave here for the wider world. For us, your magazine is a good window on the wider film making world. It's really good to connect our students through your magazine, with that wider world. Thank you."

Dennis Austin, Professor, Film Production, Confederation College, Ontario, Canada

"Received the shipment of Student Filmmaker today - fantastic! The students are all over it, what an impressive first issue! Great articles, excellent range of topics, its very impressive. Thanks for producing such a great magazine, we're all looking forward to the next issue already,..."
University Instructor Comments from Howard Phillips, Associate Director, Digital Film at CDIA at Boston University, Massachusetts

"I received the premiere issue of Student Filmmakers magazine today and it looks great!... Had the chance to read some of the articles and they were very diverse, engaging and informative..."
Len Guercio, Film Lab Coordinator/Adjunct Professor, Film & Media Arts Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The magazines arrived yesterday. What an impressive layout! It's really a great magazine, and I thank you for printing the poems. It's a thoroughly professional job you're doing, and I'm proud to be associated with StudentFilmmakers."
Bruce Kawin, Professor of English and Film, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

"Congratulations for the wonderful Premiere issue of the magazine...Fantastic...Very intelligent and compelling articles reflecting the unbiased viewpoint of on filmmaking as a whole international, collective though intimate and personal process..Amazing and surprising..."
Subscriber Comments from Wesley Sena, California

"StudentFilmmakers --the magazine-- combines just the right blend of literary and visual esthetic. Unlike the slick, glossy, overblown consumer and trade film magazines this publication is earthy and connects on every level with the student filmmaker. The information is vital and urgent. Congratulations on a superb effort and for your contribution to the world of student filmmaking."
Jim McCullaugh, former publisher of American Cinematographer and former Executive Director of the American Society of Cinematographers