The Viral Film Project to Announce NEW Call for Entries


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<p><strong><img src="" alt="Viral Film Project" width="118" height="128" hspace="5" border="0" align="right">The Viral Film Project</strong> will soon be announcing their new call for entries. You heard it here first. <em>Stay tuned!</em></p><p><strong>What is the Viral Film Project?</strong> The VFP is an ongoing series of competitions, each having a unique subject. Competitors are kept in the dark about the full details until the entry deadline. Once all entries are in, the full details are announced and competitors have two weeks to create the best film they can and generate as much exposure as possible. </p><p>Each competition has different requirements and prizes, but the idea behind it remains the same; pushing yourself to do something different and having a good time while you’re doing it. It’s the reward of gaining exposure and the fun of a competition.</p>
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