The Web Series Podcast

Nicolai Travis

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I wanted to let you know about a new podcast that I produced. It's tailored to independent filmmakers and anyone who is interested in the best web series available online.

We call it The Web Series Podcast.

You can listen to the show on iTunes:

or on our website:

Our mission is simple: we aim to watch and celebrate the best web series on the Internet. Once we find these diamonds in the rough, we bring you in-depth conversations with the writers and directors that elevate this brand new storytelling format to unforeseen heights.

Just in the last couple of years, the web series has exploded in popularity on YouTube, Vimeo, Funny or Die and other media content platforms. Shows like "High Maintenance" and "Broad City" have gone viral and attracted massive cult followings. But do you really have to wade through thousands of independently made shows in order to find these gems? Of course you don't! The Web Series Podcast is here to help.

The first 5 episodes will feature interviews with a number of successful web series creators:

• Zac Hug — Co-creator and writer of the comedy drama These People.
• Nic Collins — Director of the absurdist superhero sitcom Year of the Snake.
• Frank Chindamo — Author, filmmaker and professor of Web Video Production.
• Lea McLellan — Co-creator and writer of the small-town comedy Transplanting.
• Alexandra Roxo — Co-creator and writer of the spiritual comedy Be Here Nowish.

Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback!


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Hi Nicolai, thank you for sharing your podcast and web series! I'm at church and cannot listen or watch but will check it out later this p.m. Have a great day, and see you in the threads here!