tips for filming docs in egypt ,budget consultancy


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Hi all
as a fixer in Egypt , I would be happy to give you initial tips for filming dox in Egypt.

- the press center in Egypt is the only authority in charge of issuing filming permits for dox, they offer this service for free .

- Normally , permits process takes around 10 days to get them done .

- Requested papers : your filming request should includes a short presentation about your company , summary of your project , exact locations and finally the names , jobs and passport numbers of the crew .

- the most requested paper is a bank guarantee letter that covers at least 50% of the equipments total price , otherwise tou will have your equipments confiscated at cairoairport customs .
N.B you better bring the gaurantee letter from your country ... egyptian banks take much money for this service .

Budget consultancy
if you need any consultancy for your project in Egypt I offer this service for free just contact me through my website