Transitioning From Doing Shorts Into Doing Feature-Lengths


I've joined this site to ask fellow filmmakers for their tips and advice on this subject. Personally, I feel I've mastered the art of short-form, however, am much too intimidated by full-lengths to even start one. Part of it is that I never planned ahead. I used to free-ball it, finish a first draft, and build on that free-write. However, it doesn't work like that for longer pieces. Does anyone have a method for outlining that could work for me?

Victor Ramirez

There is so much involved in making a feature film that could not be covered in some forum posts. Are you looking to write, direct, produce or act in them?

A script is the starting point for any great feature film. A solid script can get you funding. I highly recommend the book Writing Films for Fun and Profit. It has the Fun crossed out on the cover - for a very good reason.


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i agree, writing films for fun and profit is a good book, but more about the business side of writing.

save the cat is a book that a lot of people like. he suggests breaking down a feature into about 40 scenes.