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For me After Effects seems impossible to learn. Just wondering if anyone knows of any good websites for online tutorials...if so, please let me know.

Casey McClurken


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it helps to go through the examples in the Help section, but i'll PM you some links. there aren't a lot of free ae tutorials on the net.


Adobe used to also supply some nice tutorials in the thick manual for the software... if you have that I would also suggest trying a few of those out.

you could look into some books that cover using version?.? of AE and they usually have some good tutorials in them as well.

Best of luck!

Tim Kolb

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Total Training has typically had a very, very good tutorial series on AE...but it's exhaustive. Hours and hours of training. It's very accurate and also TT typically really chapters the DVDs out so you can revisit a relatively specific portion if needed.


Trish and Chris Meyer's books have been considered top choices for the tree-killing set...


Dean Velez is a network art director who has created a course that is very "motion graphics" oriented (as opposed to special effects like wire removal, etc.), and is quite good.


On the free side, Serge Hamad is very skilled with AE and hangs out at creativecow.net in the AE forum. He also has a website with free project downloads if reverse-engineering might be a good learning style for you.


dvGARAGE is another site that has small QT movies with tutorials on Green Screen and many tutorials for sale. Reasonable prices and also pretty good (but targeted) info...though this stuff is VERY visual effects driven, so if to want to make light emitting CNN logos...this won't be the answer for you.


So there's a few to start...


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hi i'm new to after effects as well, how do i start using it. i need tutorials that actually teach from the basics. Or can someone suggest a way i can start?? thks


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What I did was just follow an already existing tutorial on how to achieve an complicated effect - the tutorial gave me an idea of how you're supposed to navigate in the program and how to achieve certain things instead of watching tutorials that slowly explain each little feature.

You may have a different experience than me, but the way I learned was experimenting. This tutorial is what gave me the jump start to get there: