UT Austin Student Film: Bittersweet


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Hey Studentfilmmaker.com community,
This is probably my twin brother and I's 2nd real full length short (not counting ones I shot on a whim) for a school project from my first production class. It's loosely based on Ambrose Bierce's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and Jacob's Ladder.

It was shot using an HV20 w/ a Letus FE for the outdoor shoots (1st time using it on a film) and Raynox 6600 for the indoor shoots. Sounds were recorded using a Zoom H4. Film was shot in around 7hrs in total edited in around 2.5days. No professional actors were used.

Vimeo - Bittersweet: A Short film by The Brothers Cho *lowest HD quality

Facebook HD *best quality
YouTube - RTF 318 Project #3 Student Film: Bittersweet *minor ghosting

-The Brothers Cho
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