Van Gore

Hi guys!

We've created a fake grindhouse trailer for a fake trailer contest (Hobo with a Shotgun) and we have made it into the top 5!

We would really appreciate it if you would go to the following link and vote for 'Van Gore" You dont even need to sign up!:

You can also view the video from the above link.

If we win we will get our trailer on the official Hobo with a Shotgun DVD release which would be awesome exposure.

And as always, if there is anything we can do to help you just ask whether its help with video editing or a soundtrack. Just ask!

Ok so thats the plug!

Camera used:
Cannon Revel T2i (550D)

He doesn't choose his victims, his victims choose him. Van Gore stars Garfield Andrews as a homicidal artist who drains his victims, then paints with their blood! Witness this deprived abomination of art!

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congratulations on your win!

congratulations on your win!

i got the humor. this was funny + entertaining to watch. congratulations on your win!