Vegas good for a feature?


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Hi, some friends and I are making our first feature film, using a Sony HD camera and Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 for editing. We have no plans to output the film in HD format, but we are wondering if we should record in HDV or Standard DV. Will the HDV format give us a better picture? Also, are there any drawbacks to using Vegas to edit a feature?


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Hey mate.

If your sure your not going to output in HDV then shoot it in DV. If there is the slight chance of outputting in HDV then shoot in HDV. The picture is a lot better.

I was once a user of Sony Vegas, I now use final cut. Depending on what you want to achieve Sony Vegas can be servicable, I have heard of people using Vegas to edit features before.

Can you let us know what genre of film it is?

What kind of budget are you looking at?



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I am hearing more good things about Vegas

I am hearing more good things about Vegas

What kinds of things do you think they do well and what things can the improve?