Viper workflow and use of magenta filters


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Hi, I'm preparing a feature film that's going to be shot with two vipers and recorded onto a OB1 (444 RGB 10 bit log) to be transfered into a 422 rgb signal (captured via downconverter). Would like to know if anyone knows the basic workflow (including transfer codecs, if to apply a correction LUT with the transfer station or wait till it's done in postproduction)
Would like to know if anyone has an opinion about the use of magenta filters to correct the green cast of the log uncompressed signal, I've heard that it not only color corrects the image, but it also increases the dynamic range and reduces noise.


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I've only worked with Viper DPX files with the green cast. I am not sure that the magenta filter would improve the noise. In 4:2:2 which is actually not RGB but Y'Cb'Cr the green color has the least amount of noise.