Volunteer(Short script).


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Hi Everyone,

I'm a UK based writer. I've written a short script which I would like to see get made. Details are below:-

Title: Volunteer
Genre: Drama.
Synopsis: Raj, a self centered young Indian man volunteers to help in an old folks’ home. He doesn’t do it out of kindness but he’s struggling to find work and thinks volunteering will look good on his CV. He is asked to care for Peter, a WWII veteran who can no longer walk without assistance and whose eyesight is fading. Peter resents other peoples’ help and isn’t too keen on Raj. Peter often bemoans the fact that the only volunteering people did when he was young was to fight for king and country.

Peter’s prized possessions are his toy soldiers which he keeps strategically positioned on a table. Nobody is allowed to touch them, so when Peter relays stories of his wartime experiences, Raj imagines the pieces coming to life to reenact Peter’s heroic battles. Raj becomes particularly captivated by Peter’s exploits in Burma fighting the Japanese alongside Sikhs and Gurkhas. He is deeply moved by the sacrifices made by this now forgotten army.

If there are any filmmakers/animators who would like to read the script for potential production/collaboration then please send me an email. Thanks.