WHAT A RIP OFF!! You better read this! This is important to all filmmakers.


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I have recently joined several film-making groups, forums, including this one.
I was sent some shocking news about something everyone here should be concerned about.

I am attaching the link below.

For the last 6 years now, I have submitted 4 films to Sundance, always receiving the same "rejection notice" I never thought much about it, being rejected always gave me the impression that my film was not good enough.

I never thought about "the math" 12,000 films, 6 head programmers, until now ( watch video on youtube).

Sundance Film Festival was sued and taken to court even by a filmmaker, and the court ruling was that Sundance DID NOT HAVE TO PROVE they watch even 30 seconds of your film.


Do you realize what this means? We all know that you could win 4 or 5 of the other top film festivals and you will still never ever receive a 'distribution deal'.

We all know Sundance has the monopoly on this, and we find out that filmmakers never even get a CHANCE?

And then on top of that news, I find out that all Sundances Films are in fact pre-chosen a year in advance.

Also films that win? Beast of The Southern Wild and others, were all created and financed by Sundance Institute who also AWARDS THEIR OWN FILMS, meaning THEY GIVE THEM MONEY?

Huh? What money?

Your submission fees money that's what.

Here is the info below and also a link to a film documentary that is soon to be released about this sham.

BTW, there is a class action lawsuit that started, anyone who has sent their films in and has been rejected can be a part of this law suit, you can not only receive your money back, but receive a part of the settlement which I hear is going to be very substantial.

Here is the info.


You can watch the video on www.sundance2016.com

Sorry but this blows my mind, and spirit away also, I always believed in Robert Redfords vision, what about all us filmmakers here?

Sundance Forget it, Dream Away......


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I quit entering film festivals for this reason. Most of the major ones operate this way. And you get very little but ego gratification from the small ones. Even the best of the big ones pre-select a majority of their programming based on relationships and pre-existing agreements, So a filmmaker is fighting 2,000 other films for 5 "public" spots. The whole thing is a rip off for the filmmaker, I agree!